Friday, March 7, 2008

The FY09 Budget Process Has Begun...

On March 6 Town Manager Robin Crosbie conducted a budget review for the upcoming FY2009 at Glenbrook Middle School. Ms. Crosbie as required by the Longmeadow Town Charter prepared a “balanced budget” for an upcoming review by the Select Board.

The full Budget Report is now available online for review. In addition, the slides used for this presentation are also available.

The total FY2009 budget is $51.4 million which is a 6.17% increase vs. FY2008.

A key part of the budget is the impact of Proposition 2½ which limits the amount of increase in property taxes to 2½%. Total revenue from property taxes is ~ $35.8 million which is an increase of $995K over FY08 (see above table). With rising costs across many areas, Ms. Crosbie stated that with the proposed FY09 budget it was not possible to maintain level services. Below are two tables showing the increase of fund allocations for various portions of the town budget.

[click to enlarge]

LongmeadowBuzz is interested in questions from town residents for the Town Manager, School Committee, Finance Committee and others involved in the budgeting process. We help to provide information that will make this year's budget process a success. Add a comment to this posting and we will try to get an answer. See our help section for posting a comment to this blog.

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