Thursday, March 27, 2008

Past/ Present/ Future of the Longmeadow Websites

The original Longmeadow town website- started through a volunteer effort led by Jim Moran continues to grow and prosper at virtually no cost to the Town of Longmeadow. Our town website recently celebrated its 10th anniversary this past December. was also started by Jim Moran about 4½ years ago as a complementary website to in an effort to expand web services for Longmeadow residents and to connect to local businesses serving the Longmeadow community.

Longmeadow residents have benefited from through the creation of free web based services some of which include a Town Calendar, Bulletin Board and FREE Classified Ads. Advertising revenue from local businesses for provides financial support for both websites.

If you are interested in learning more about our town websites, please watch the video clip below. This video clip provided through the courtesy of Longmeadow Community Television is a segment from the regular broadcast program called “Our Town” with hostess Arlene Miller interviewing Jim Moran- webmaster. Past history as well as future plans for the town websites are discussed.

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