Thursday, June 5, 2008

School Committee Candidate Debate

Here is the video if you are not able to view the School Committee Candidate debate originally shown LIVE on LCTV on June 4. Video was provided to LongmeadowBuzz through courtesy of LCTV.

Click on link below to view with your favorite video viewer.
School Committee Candidate Debate School Committee Candidate Debate


John J. Fitzgerald said...

Thank you Jim for posting this forum. It is a real public service. Thanks also to LCTV and Arlene for producing it.


John J. Fitzgerald

Unknown said...


I would also like to thank you, Arlene, LCTV and Tom Foley for this public service.


Armand Wray

Gwen Bruns said...

Jim -- Thank you for posting this and Ms. Miller and everyone at LCTV for a great forum last Wednesday evening!

And, Jim, thank you for posting all of the information about the candidates and encouraging involvement in our democracy.

I wish everyone the best of luck on Tuesday! See you at the polls!