Monday, July 28, 2008

Storrs Library E-Mail Courtesy Notices Coming Soon

Does the Library have your e-mail address? For some time, patrons with a valid e-mail address on their library record have been receiving holds pickup notification and overdue notices via e-mail. E-mail addresses provided to the library are held in strict confidence and used only for legitimate library business. If you have an e-mail address and have not provided it to the library, now is the time to do it. Soon, the system will also be sending out courtesy notices. What is a courtesy notice? Every day, the CWMARS system will check materials about to become due within two days. The system will then generate and e-mail courtesy notices reminding patrons to renew or get the materials back on time in order to avoid late fees. Take advantage of this useful new service. Log in to your library record and enter your e-mail address or stop by the Library and fill out a form. Many thanks. Farida Pomerantz, Reference

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