Wednesday, February 25, 2009

School Committee/ Select Board Broadcasts

If you are looking to watch the February 23 Select Board meeting, it is now available for web viewing on the LCTV website.

LCTV will be posting web rebroadcasts of both the School Committee and Select Board meetings on their website every week. Here is a direct link.

Two suggestions...
  1. Check out the agenda on the Town Calendar on to find agenda items of interest
  2. Play the Windows Media Player version of the broadcast so that you can fast forward to the topic of interest.


John J. Fitzgerald said...
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John J. Fitzgerald said...

Is this correct?

". . . an average use of 17.5 gallons per mile and a cost of $3.02 per gallon."

17.5 gallons per mile might be efficient for a liquid rocket!