Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some additional info

For those readers of this blog who are unfamiliar with the new high school project, here are a few illustrations to help clarify what Mark Gold is talking about in his school project position...

Below is a schematic drawing of the first floor current building configuration showing the various additions including the 1971 wing (pool + library + BTC/open space).

[click graphic to enlarge]

During the review of the current LHS facility, there were positive comments made about the condition of the 1971 wing which were presented at numerous SBC public forums.
  1. The 1971 wing is structurally in better shape and has a higher potential for minor renovations.
  2. The roof is in satisfactory condition.
  3. Pool systems are in good condition.

The first floor of the proposed new high school building structure is shown below including the location of the 1971 wing...

[click to enlarge]

Below is a detailed look at the renovated 1971 wing....

[click to enlarge]

Here is a graphic showing the entire site plan for the new HS project.

[click to enlarge]

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