Monday, June 7, 2010

Political Influence

The three documented meetings with the MSBA tell an interesting story. What we don’t know is what happened at the November 11th undocumented meeting with the MSBA and SBC and a trio of politicians. This meeting apparently changed direction of the two previous documents from claiming that the building is a solid structure with a strong potential for renovation, to a tear down and rebuild of a new High School? What happened?

It is inconceivable that the non-technical MSBA Executive Director, lacking architectural or engineering training, would stand in front of a 50 year old building and declare that its condition was so bad that it had to be destroyed. Again, the previous MSBA study and consultants concluded that the building is solid and a strong candidate for renovation.

We will most likely never know the real reason for the change in MSBA attitude. A NO vote on Tuesday, June 8th will provide residents with an opportunity to apply the appropriate renovation potential to the high school project. The MSBA policy clearly “sets forth the school district’s plan to remedy a failed vote and a suggested timeline for such a remedy.”

Resident “tax payers” need not be on a “burning platform” to approve this wrong project which will commit the community to a huge 25 year mortgage. We can do better via renovation by voting NO.

Posted by Gerald A. Nolet

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Jim Simon said...

Please read the whole story. These November letters appear to be obsolete and out of context. Wednesday morning none of us will want to feel that we were misled.

MSBA's Ms. Craven later states that when the MSBC looked at the numbers "our general impulse is to renovate when we can" but that "we thought that the new building scenario that was presented to us--after hearing the CLARIFICATIONS on the reno[vation] REALLY MADE SENSE TO US."