Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Select Board Goal Setting Meeting

On Monday, August 23 starting at 6 PM, the Longmeadow Select Board will conduct an "offsite" goal setting meeting in the parlor of the First Church of Christ at 763 Longmeadow Street in Longmeadow.   As I understand it, LCTV has been asked not to televise this session. 

It is interesting that the majority of the Select Board (Aseltine, Barkett and Swanson) want this meeting to be "off camera" so that process of goal setting and priority setting can be "more focused and relaxed". Gold and Santaniello want the meeting to be taped for later broadcast.

Ms. Swanson noted that with the new open meeting law meeting minutes must be more "robust" than previously required so that there is a mechanism by which town residents can be informed.  [However, it should be noted that Select Board meeting minutes have not been posted for about 2 months and the School Building Committee has not posted its meeting minutes for 5 months.]

Below is a video clip of last night's SB discussion on the subject of taping next week's meeting...

According to OPEN MEETING LAW, G.L. c. 30A, §§ 18-25 (Effective July 1, 2010)...
section 20e: (e) After notifying the chair of the public body, any person may make a video or audio recording of an open session of a meeting of a public body, or may transmit the meeting through any medium, subject to reasonable requirements of the chair as to the number, placement and operation of equipment used so as not to interfere with the conduct of the meeting. At the beginning of the meeting the chair shall inform other attendees of any such recordings.

Chairman Aseltine cited that this was an important session for the Select Board and he invited all interested town residents to attend this meeting.  [I just hope that the church parlor is large enough.]


Anonymous said...

why is this meeting being held in a church?

Unknown said...

The parlor is quite large. Probably larger than the room in the fire station or police station. however, if the public is invited to attend, what is the benefit of holding it "off site"?