Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Followup on New Longmeadow Town Bylaw….

In accordance with the new town bylaw 2-320, copies of the current “negotiated labor contracts” were deposited at Storrs Library. I spent time last Thursday at Storrs Library to determine what information could be found.

Here is a list of the current labor contracts that are available at Storrs Library...

Longmeadow Education Association
1. Unit A- 9/01/09 - 8/31/11
2. Unit B- 7/01/09 - 6/30/11
3. Unit D- 7/01/09 - 6/30/11
4. Unit E- 8/31/09 – 8/31/11
5. Unit F (educational assistants)- 9/01/09 - 8/31/11
6. Unit H (custodians)- 7/01/09 - 6/30/11

Longmeadow Organization of Clerical Workers
(full time clerical employees for Town Clerk, DPW, Police, etc.
7/01/05 – 6/30/08- contract has expired

Longmeadow Local 1903 Int’l Assn. of Fire Fighters
7/01/08 – 6/30/09- contract has expired

Longmeadow Int’l Brotherhood of Police Officers, Chapter 370
7/01/08 – 6/30/09- contract has expired

Longmeadow Police Supervisors
7/01/09 – 6/30/12

Longmeadow police officers, fire fighters and clerical workers have not completed collective bargaining contract negotiations with the town.

Longmeadow teachers, educational assistants and custodians as well as the Longmeadow Police Supervisors have existing contracts- each with a 0% COLA. All of the existing Longmeadow Teachers contracts expire during FY2011. For those who are interested, here is the Longmeadow teachers' salary structure including steps, education and longevity factors.

I did not read each of these contracts in their entirety but plan to do so at some time in the near future.

The current employment contracts for the Town Manager and School Superintendent which were of greatest interest to me were not included with the contracts at Storrs Library.

The new bylaw says “negotiated labor contracts” – which must have been narrowly interpreted so as to not include the TM and Superintendent’ contracts.

I have subsequently obtained copies of both contracts which are public documents and plan to share details and commentary in my next blog post.

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