Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Longmeadow- EBAY Connection

The Town of Longmeadow has now moved to the Internet as a means to sell surplus equipment and confiscated items that typically in the past has been sold via a public auction at the Police Department garage on a Saturday afternoon.

There is a notice on the http://www.longmeadow.org/ homepage announcing that there is an EBAY AUCTION currently underway by the Town of Longmeadow on EBAY from now until November 16 with a total of 88 items eligible to be purchased. 

The current bids for these items range from $5 for a BMX bike to $4050 for forklift/ bucket loader.  Other items include printers, antique chandeliers, lawn mowers and much more.

Congratulations to Chad Thompson/ Purchasing Coordinator and other town employees who organized this effort.  Hopefully, using EBAY will derive much greater financial results than would have been achieved by a local auction at the LPD garage.

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