Sunday, December 5, 2010

Paperless SB meetings... a good idea but

but there are still a couple of technical issues remaining ...

At their last meeting on November 15 chairman Rob Aseltine declared that the Longmeadow Select Board was going to conduct their meetings using new netbook computers which would reduce the large volume of paper that is generated every week.  In addition, he stated that town residents will be able to access SB meeting information via the Internet

An announcement was made that a "new website" had been created by the Select Board to share these documents with town residents.  Here is a link to this new resource.  I've checked this link for the past 3 weeks after the initial announcement was made but no documents as yet have been available to the public. 

I usually watch the bi-weekly SB meetings but being without a copy of the relevant information that is being discussed sometimes makes it very difficult.  I expect that having the pertinent information available will be particularly useful for upcoming budget discussions. I applaud this effort to share information in a timely manner with the public.

However, there still appears to be "some minor glitches" remaining.  Perhaps after the IT consolidation is completed and additional school dept. resources can be utilized, these problems will be worked out faster.

Going paperless and sharing SB meeting materials with town residents via the Internet is a great idea!

I would hope that meeting materials for tomorrow night's SB meeting will be made available before the meeting commences.


Jim Moran, LongmeadowBiz said...


About 3 hours ago information from the November 15 Select Board meeting was posted on the new Select Board website.

Thank you.

Question: When will the materials for tonight's meeting be posted?

Jim Moran, LongmeadowBiz said...

I didn't realize that the LongmeadowBuzz blog was so well connected to Town Hall...

Possibly as a response to my prior request...
The meeting materials for tonight's SB meeting have just been posted.

Thank you!