Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter "Snowscaping"

Because of the large amount of snow that has fallen in the last 6 weeks our town streets and crosswalks have become very difficult to navigate.  Driving as well as on-street parking in almost any part of town has become very hazardous.  Car owners are subject to personal and/or vehicle damage because the streets have become so narrow.

Given that the weather has not cooperated until recently the DPW has become more proactive.  In addition to reducing the levels of snowbanks at intersections, the DPW is now currently widening streets in town via the use of privately contracted equipment (see photo below).

I applaud these efforts and am always appreciative of our Dept of Public Works... they are an important element in determining the quality of life in our town.

Select Board: Please take notice of these efforts and their importance to town residents when finalizing the FY2012 budgets!

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Jim Moran, LongmeadowBiz said...

With almost 100 miles of streets in Longmeadow, I would not expect that the DPW will be "snowscaping" all streets. It looks like most of the streets in and around our schools are initial targets. This makes sense given the recent safety issues with the Longfellow Drive/ Center School area.