Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Report potholes to the Longmeadow DPW

At Monday night's Longmeadow Select Board meeting chairman Rob Aseltine asked all town residents to report potholes in town by calling the DPW at 567-3400 or emailing the information to
TM Robin Crosbie reported that the local asphalt plant has opened and that hot patch (vs. cold patch) compound will soon be available to fix these problems.
The town will likely concentrate initially on fixing the main streets like Converse St, Williams St which are in very poor condition before they will begin fixing the side streets. 
There are almost 100 miles of paved streets in the town of Longmeadow.  I suspect with our limited budget resources it is possible that we will run out of money before we fix all of the town's potholes. 
Within two blocks of my house I spotted a number of large potholes and road surface damage on a side street with significant local traffic that I will be reporting to the DPW.  Below is a photo showing the dismal conditions...

[click here to enlarge]

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Jim Moran, LongmeadowBiz said...

A big thank you to the DPW.... the large potholes on Canterbury/ Inverness have now been filled.