Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Thank you Paul Santaniello

for setting the record straight -one more time.

At last night's Select Board meeting (July 5, 2011) there was a discussion of a new website policy proposed by Town Manager Robin Crosbie involving the addition of non-government links to the new town website.

At the beginning of this discussion, Mr. Santaniello highlighted that last year's demise of the town website was "all about links".  It was a visible link on the home page of to this blog- LongmeadowBuzz that was the centerpoint of the controversy.  This link had been visible for 2½ years on the town website and was outlined clearly as "personal opinion"- not official town government policy.  It was only after a strongly worded blog post criticizing the School Building Committee and its leadership appeared that there was any real issue.  The link to the Buzz blog was removed immediately after a request was made by the Town Manager.

During this discussion, the former Select Board chairman, Rob Aseltine launched his "revisionist history" account of what had happened.  He indicated that lack of functionality and use of outdated technology was the primary reason for the dismissal of the town webmaster- not the link to the Buzz blog....  A quick sampling of the archived video clips on this blog will easily show this statement to be completely erroneous.

Below is a video clip from last night's meeting (courtesy of LCTV) with this discussion.

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