Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Something to Consider

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There was an article by Esther J. Cepeda in this morning's Springfield Republican on the Op-Ed page that should be required reading for the School Superintendent, IT Director, School Committee and Select Board members.  Town residents should read it as well to make sure that our limited financial resources are not squandered on high priced technology in our schools.

The closing message in this editorial "old-school methods such as high-quality instruction and hands-on experimentation must take precedence over the theory that today's children aren't capable of learning without the aid of fancy electronic devices".

On a related note, I watched a CBS- 60 Minutes special this past Sunday (click here to view video) in which the use of i-Pads showed great promise in the development of improved communication skills and the education of autistic children.  

The Longmeadow School Department should consider deployment of the new i-Pad computer technology for specialized needs rather than broad implementation in all classrooms.

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