Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Cleanup Continues- Part II

Kudos to Fire Chief Eric Madison, Select Board Chair Mark Gold, Select Board member Paul Santaniello and other town leaders who decided early (Monday, October 31) to engage the services of Ashbritt Environmental to cleanup our town.  As highlighted in an earlier story, the total cost is expected to be ~ $13.2 million with Longmeadow's share after reimbursement to be ~ $3.3 million.  When finished the indirect cost to the average homeowner/ taxpayer will be ~ $600- which is quite a reasonable cost given the enormity of the cleanup effort (expected to be ~ 250,000 cubic yards of debris).

Most of the storm debris cleanup is expected to be completed by December 31.  The large trucks (County Waste) can be spotted all over town picking up the debris and hauling it to the Wolfswamp Road fields for processing into wood chips (see video).  My wife and I watched in amazement as one of the trucks picked up the storm debris in front of house.... one large step forward toward normalcy in our neighborhood which was hit pretty badly during the storm.
Storm Debris at Treebelt
Storm Debris Being Removed
Back to Normal!
After watching the collection process I was simply amazed at the great skill demonstrated by the Ashbritt employee who removed the large amount of debris with only minimal damage to my front yard while at the same time avoiding the overhead power, cable and phone lines.

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