Wednesday, May 8, 2013

There is Another Important Vote on June 11

I was inspired to see the support last night for the compromise budget, but we should remember that this was a limited victory and merely mitigated the cuts to services contemplated by the Select Board budget. All told, the budget passed still was closer to the 0% SB approach than to maintaining level services. If you want to have a shot at avoiding these same kinds of cuts to services next year, you need to vote on June 11 to change the lineup on the Select Board. Otherwise, we'll be having the same conversation next year. The choice between me, and the two incumbents, Mark Gold and Mark Barowsky, for the two open seats is clear.

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Jim Moran, LongmeadowBiz said...


It is pretty clear after listening to your comments at last night's annual town meeting and after reading your "frugality" opinion column where your vision of our town will lead us.

In addition, I did take notice of who was sitting next to you at last night's town meeting (Saul Finestone, vice chair of the Democratic Town Committee), so I also have a pretty good picture of your political allegiance.

I hope that you listened to our new "full time" Town Manager, Stephen Crane who told you that despite your theatrics and "documented evidence", the town does have a written extensive capital projects plan... it just doesn't have a plan for funding the many needed infrastructure repairs.

Your patronage to concerns about the reduction in senior citizen services in our town was a pretty thinly disguised ploy to garner votes in the June election.

It is pretty poor politics to use the town meeting floor for self- promotion of your candidacy for Select Board.

We need balanced fiscally responsible spending in our town and your candidacy clearly does not support that direction.

You are right on one point!

There is another important vote on June 11.

Vote Gold and Barowsky for SB!