Sunday, June 7, 2015

What makes a school system exceptional?

The following was submitted to the LongmeadowBuzz blog by Russ Dupere, candidate for election to the Longmeadow School Committee.

What makes a school system exceptional? In my experience as a school attorney and parent, the exceptional school systems share many of the following characteristics:
  1. Leadership that creates clear short and long-term goals with input from the staff and community.
  2.  Administrators that inspire their staff to work toward meeting these goals.
  3. Consistent curriculum which is aligned throughout all schools K-12.
  4. A school climate wherein administrators, teachers, staff, and parents feel respected and valued.
  5. Teachers are provided with the time, technology, and resources necessary to provide the best education possible.
  6. Making it a priority that ALL students are treated equally and with compassion.
  7. Decisions are made in a transparent and open manner.
  8. Stakeholders' opinions are treated with respect, and are given due consideration.
  9. An atmosphere of trust and collaboration, wherein teachers and other members of the school community can provide input and recommendations for improvement.
  10. The School Committee and Board of Selectmen have an open line of communication, and work collaboratively.
  11. A community that supports education both financially and through volunteerism.
I am committed to making sure that these characteristics are present in our school system. We have an exceptional school system, and I believe we have the ability to make it an even better one.

Please vote on June 9th.
Russ Dupere (

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