Monday, February 8, 2016

Mark Gold Announces Re-election Bid

With a commitment to continue to serve Longmeadow residents and bring balance to the select Board, I am announcing that I am seeking reelection to the Longmeadow Select Board for a three year term.  Over the next three years the town of Longmeadow will face important issues that include tax rates, water rates, and decisions on major capital projects, and I believe I have the experience, understanding and common sense approach to positively contribute to the resolution of these issues.

Since being elected to the Select Board I have demonstrated my commitment to serve the town.  I have advocated for maintaining the level of town services that Longmeadow residents have come to expect and holding the line on residential property taxes.  I have taken a leadership role in setting the financial plan for Longmeadow, being particularly proud that the Select Board has presented the town with balanced budgets during each of my years on the Select Board.   This fiscal control was the result of planning by the select board that maintained the level of town services residents have come to expect.  I have been instrumental in several achievements that will have a positive lasting impact on the town, including securing trash hauling contracts that have saved the town tens of thousands of dollars, and defining the surrounding community mitigation settlement with MGM.

Through my background as an engineer and my experience on the Select Board I have demonstrated an understanding for the programs and systems of the town and my ability to lead the discussion about each of the issues that the Select Board faces.

My wife Ellen and I raised two children who attended Longmeadow public schools and I believe that our 39 years of living in Longmeadow has given me a strong sense of the issues, sensitivities, and characteristics of the town that residents of Longmeadow care most about.

I am honored to have been elected to the Select Board by the residents of Longmeadow over the past seven years.  I hope that the level judgement and balanced approach to addressing the town’s issues that I have demonstrated resonates with town residents and I ask for their votes this year so I can continue to advocate for the greatest good for all the residents of the town.

Mark Gold
Member, Longmeadow Select Board

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