Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big-ticket schools prompt a scolding

Boston Globe- May 22, 2008

Below are some quotes from this timely article posted today on the Boston Globe's website.

“State Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill complained yesterday that some Massachusetts communities are embarking on excessive, McMansion school construction projects that neither the towns nor the state can afford.”

“… Cahill also said that school communities should not be making decisions for a community. He argued that even the wealthiest towns have residents who cannot afford the tax increases needed to fund such projects.”

Longmeadow faces the same difficult economic decision as many towns in Massachusetts. Building a new high school (or undertaking a major renovation) in Longmeadow is an important financial decision. Let’s make sure that we balance our needs. It makes no economic sense to build a new high school and then realize that we have to layoff teachers to afford it. As Cahill is quoted in this article … “teachers are far more important than bricks and mortar”.

Let’s make sure that whatever decision is made that we can ensure the quality education of our children. This should be our #1 priority.

It is worth the time to read this article to compare our Longmeadow's situation with other towns in Massachusetts.

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