Tuesday, May 20, 2008

SC Candidates Answer Some Tough Questions

As it has been highlighted on this blog in the recent past, the Town of Longmeadow and its citizens are facing a financial crisis over the next few years. With the rapidly escalating costs of education (+ other town services) and slow growth sources of revenue, our town will be forced to make some tough decisions about how to spend our money. In past years Town taxpayers have already shown their displeasure with Proposition 2½ overrides and last year a $2.1 million override was passed by the slimmest margin (6 votes).

In the upcoming Annual Town Elections on June 10 there are six candidates running for three open seats on the Longmeadow School Committee. The three people that will be chosen will be have a significant role in deciding the future course of education in our town.

There is a Meet the SC Candidates forum posted on LongmeadowBiz which provides candidate profile information. In addition, there is a series of four questions which have been asked of each candidate.

1. In your view what are the most pressing needs facing our schools?
2. How should the schools best handle the rising costs of special education?
3. How do you feel about the need for a new high school?
4. What would do to improve the communication between the School Committee and town government? Between town residents and the School Committee?

Take the time to read each candidate’s profile and their answers and make sure that you stop by the Longmeadow Community House on June 10 between 8 am – 8 pm to VOTE for your favorite candidate! Your vote counts…. remember last year’s Proposition 2½ question passed by only 6 votes.

If you are out of town on June 10 and cannot vote…. That is no excuse. Stop the Town Hall before June 9, 12 noon and pick up an ABSENTEE ballot.

Let’s get a 50% turnout for this important election.

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