Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Payback in Town Politics

Longmeadow News- July 29, 2010
In case you missed it, here is Alex Grant's "Payback in Town Politics" that appeared in last week's edition of the Longmeadow News (with permission of the author and thanks to the Longmeadow News).
In hindsight, it was probably a mistake for me to censor Jerold Duquette for a specific post relating to Mark Gold's positions given my strong support for his candidacy. However, I felt that Mr. Duquette's unrelenting assault on personal integrity and his lack of respect for dissenting opinion for Mr. Gold and other members of our community demanded that I remove his privileges. As I mentioned on the Buzz in a previous post, I gave Mr. Duquette numerous warnings on prior Buzz posts and I could never trust him to post without monitoring the content.  I should have banned his participation on the Buzz after some of his earlier posts. Mr. Duquette had already been banned once on the Longmeadow MassLive forum- something that is pretty difficult to achieve and I was not going to allow his rhetoric to make the Buzz an extension of the MassLive forum.

Since last Monday's unprecedented takeover of the town website by the Longmeadow Select Board, the situation has deteriorated significantly with the website currently "under renovation".  While I'm obviously not involved with the plans for the "renovated town website" I am confident that the new town website I created at www.LongmeadowMA.org will prosper.  I am planning to reallocate a large portion of my volunteer time toward the support, maintenance and upgrade of the Online Storrs Library (http://www.longmeadowma.org/library/index.html) which I helped create over the past 13 years.

Given the ugly rhetoric against NO supporters that occurred during the high school building project, I would not be surprised to see some strongly worded rebuttal "letters to the editor" of Alex Grant's opinion column in upcoming issues of the Longmeadow News and The Reminder.

Something to remember...

This controversy about the website is about OPEN and TRANSPARENT government not a continuation of the School Building Project debate.

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