Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Emergency Notifications

I watched the Longmeadow Select Board meeting this past Monday night and found one particular aspect of the discussion about the problems being encountered with the installation of new water meters very concerning.

New water meter installation work has been underway for one "billing" zone (1 out of 6) over the past few months.  Without getting into the details of the discussion it turns out that about 25% of the homeowners in this zone have no contact phone number registered with the town nor is the number published or found in any of the conventional sources.  This includes the town's database for the Emergency Notification Phone System which the town uses for calling town residents about emergency or crisis situations.

If the 25% figure is typical for the rest of the town, then there are approximately 1400 residences in town that cannot be notified quickly via telephone in the event of town emergency such as a gas leak, chemical spill, tornado or other emergency event.

I would urge everyone in town to make sure that they have a contact number (cell, or land line) registered with the town to be used in event of an emergency. Simply click on the above graphic or visit the town website to sign up.

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Anonymous said...

It is very importantto have a number you can be reached at. If you have a elderly relative or child who ends up in the Emergency Dept. of a local hospital, and they are trying to reach a family member for permission to treat or for family to come immediately it takes time to send the police out to bang on the door or play detective to find a person at work.