Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year's Message

2010 has a been a year of change for Longmeadow's presence on the Internet, but there are new opportunities ahead.  I am looking forward to an exciting 2011!

This past July a brand new website- was created to capture and maintain a significant amount of the community oriented content for town residents.  This includes photos, webpages for community groups such as Long Meddowe Days, etc that may not be maintained by our town website in the future.

Looking back to 1997... a volunteer group of town residents wanted to provide a means for better communication in our town.  From that beginning, a tremendous amount of energy was devoted into making our town website- an outstanding resource for keeping town residents informed.  There was not much information about the town of Longmeadow that could not be found on

About 3 years ago I created the LongmeadowBuzz blog which was designed to provide a means for people in town to express their opinions and discuss controversial topics that were not appropriate for inclusion on the town website. 

The LongmeadowBuzz blog provided and still provides town residents with information that is not usually found in the Springfield Republican or the Longmeadow News.  Not just opinion, but background information and facts so that the reader can make informed decisions about a subject.

The LongmeadowBuzz blog is not intended to be a place for "one man's o
pinion", so other postings have always been welcome as long as the author is identified and is respectful of other opinions.  With the many challenges that Longmeadow faces in the coming years, I am very hopeful that the LongmeadowBuzz blog will become an important means to express different viewpoints/ prospectives and to reduce any polarization that might exist in our town.

Looking forward to 2011, I have renewed energies and excitement about the website.  Not only will it continue to be a key resource with its Town Calendar and revamped Longmeadow Community Bulletin Board, it will also provide a much needed connection between town residents and the businesses that service our town.   In today's challenging economy we need to support our local businesses.  We have already seen a significant number of local businesses disappear.

New "social media" like Facebook, Twitter and others will come into much greater use in 2011 and provide new opportunities to improve communication and to help us thrive and prosper as a community.

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Longmeadow is a great place to live.... let's keep it that way!

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Best Regards and Happy New Year!

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