Friday, May 16, 2008

Local election choices

On June 10th Longmeadow voters will go to the polls to select three School Committee members and one Select Board member. School Committee member Bobby Barkett is the only candidate for the Select Board. He has been a dedicated and hard working member of the School Committee and I'm sure he will be just as diligent on the Select Board.

In the School Committee election we are lucky to have six candidates for three seats. All six candidates appear to be good candidates with useful backgrounds and thoughtful appeals. I am very pleased to see this much interest in serving in what is a very time consuming but very important role. I sincerely hope that the fourth place finisher is strongly considered for the opening that will occur immediately after the election due to the election of Barkett to the Select Board. Taking the time and making the effort to run a campaign should weigh very heavily in favor of anyone seeking appointment to fill a vacancy. When I was elected three years ago we appointed Paul Santaniello, the fourth place finisher, to the committee.

Though all six candidates would make fine members of the School Committee, voters only have three votes. My three votes will go to the three most progressive candidates; the candidates who are most appreciative of the need for ALL elected officials to exert political leadership on issues that many consider too big to tackle at the local level. Candidates who will take the time and exert the energy to speak out and to speak truth to power are the candidates who will get my support.

I suggest that anyone unfamiliar with the candidates try to get out to Longmeadow Days this weekend. All the candidates will undoubtedly be there passing out info and chatting with voters.

Good luck to all the candidates.

Jerold Duquette (soon to be former SC member)