Friday, December 18, 2015

A town resident weighs in

This letter in support of the appointment of Neil Gile as the new Superintendent to Longmeadow School Committee members was written by Tom Dignazio- a Longmeadow town resident with children attending Longmeadow public schools.


Dear Committee Members:

I am writing today to express my family’s support for Neil Gile in the search for the new School Superintendent.  I have watched the candidate interviews and follow-up discussion, and feel strongly Principal Gile is best suited to serve the town in this critical role.  I know there will be additional interviews and due diligence, but based on the information available, I believe the choose is clear.

Mr. O’Shea appears to perfectly qualified for the role, and I am sure he would do an adequate job.  However, I believe Mr. Gile brings the following qualities which I have witnessed first hand:

Temperament: Parents in Longmeadow can be particularly assertive in their opinions regarding the schools.  Mr. Gile always treats all questions, concerns, and feedback from the public with respect and appropriate attention, even when such input is partially or ill-informed.   I don’t think it can be understated how important that trait will be in this role.

Common sense: I have been impressed with how Mr. Gile works with parents and teachers regarding discipline and learning challenges.  Being a parent with a child who spent an inordinate amount of time in the Mr. Gile’s office, I cannot stress how fortunate I felt that he was involved.

Transparency/Approachability:  I don’t think I need to tell this group how important this to Longmeadow.   I believe Mr. Gile is best positioned to learn from the mistakes from previous Superintendent.  He has always been open and accessible to Wolf Swamp Road School families.

Finally, I think there is something to be said for the fact that he has kids in our school system. 

I thank you for service on the committee and your diligence in the matter. 

Tom Dignazio
24 Crescent Road