Friday, November 6, 2009

Flu Season Update- November 4, 2009

Beverly Hirschhorn, Longmeadow Director of Public Health is the guest on a new LCTV show called "The Upside" moderated by Paul Santaniello. In this week's segment Ms. Hirschhorn provides an update on seasonal + H1N1 virus season.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Plastic Fences Make Good Neighbors ?

As I drove through Longmeadow this past week I spotted the many signs of the fall season. In addition to all of the trees still ablaze with remnants of a spectacular season of fall colors, there are the many different methods that abound in Longmeadow for dealing with the leaves after they fall. Longmeadow for many years has not collected leaves at curbside so residents have had to make their own arrangements.

Bagging leaves on some streets is sometimes a contest to see who can bag the most leaves...

Some people rake the leaves to curbside (or into the street) and have them removed..... I've always been a little bit frustrated that the leaves from my neighbors' trees and lawns blow onto my lawn (I have no maple trees but have a lot of maple leaves)....

Here is a possible solution that one Longmeadow homeowner is trying this year....

It will be interesting to see how effective adding a 3 ft plastic fence around the perimeter of your property is to reduce the volume of leaves.

Perhaps, next year this will become a new "sign" of fall in Longmeadow.