Saturday, August 20, 2011

Longmeadow School Committee

will become an appointed (or self appointed) committee.

With the latest resignation of Gwen Bruns there is now a second vacancy on the School Committee. Interested parties should see notice on the Longmeadow Community Bulletin Board.

There were three uncontested races for School Committee seats (Fitzgerald, Clark and Flynn) at the recent June annual town elections. Now with the two vacancies opening up, a total of 5 seats out of 7 will be either appointed (or self appointed) positions.

The School Committee directs the expenditure of over 30 million dollars of taxpayer monies. The upcoming SC appointments by the Select Board/SC are of great importance to our town. At this point there are 6 individuals asking to be appointed for the first vacancy.

Here is a list of the six candidates for the first vacancy (as of 8/24/11):

James Cass, 25 Roseland Terrace 
Rev. Deacon Charles J. Gebron, 432 Wolf Swamp Road
Owen J. Humphries, 1072 Longmeadow St.
Gerard Kiernan, 86 Cobblestone Rd
Jeremy Powers,319 Merriweather Dr.
Daniel Zwirko, 58 Shady Side Dr.

A key question to each of these candidates should be:
Why didn't you run for one of three SC vacancies at the Annual Town Elections in June?

Let's hope that the SC/SB make some good selections- voters will not be able to do so until next June!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Volunteerism in Longmeadow

Select Board member Rob Aseltine provided the best "quote of the week" during the August 15 Select Board meeting.

Speaking about the lack of resolution of the irrigation problems and subsequent damage at Turner Park fields, he made the following statement....

"a situation like this drives a stake through the heart of volunteerism in this town".

Here is the video clip with Mr. Aseltine's comments (courtesy of LCTV)