About the Buzz

The LongmeadowBuzz blog was created in 2008 as an alternative to many of the current venues for discussion of local topics and issues such as “Letters to the Editor” in the Republican, The Reminder and Longmeadow News.

There are numerous local issues, many of which do not get adequate airing by the local media.  Sometimes erroneous information is published in the newspaper in the form of a “letter to the editor” or a reported story and people’s views are directly influenced by it.  

LongmeadowBuzz is not a forum for debate of state or national politics- there are many other means for this type of discussion.

LongmeadowBuzz is a moderated forum with contributing participants being respected members of our community including both town residents as well as school, business and government officials.  Most of us understand what is acceptable content for posting on this type of forum and abuses will not be tolerated.

Anonymous comments to new subjects are allowed but all comments will be moderated meaning that no comment will be posted without first being reviewed. This guideline is not directed at censorship but is an attempt to filter out the irrelevant and obnoxious comments that do not provide any useful purpose.

The LongmeadowBuzz blog is akin to a web based letters to the editor but providing much greater capability than a newspaper.  It allows for faster interactions and provides opportunities to add information through many media types including photos, audio and video.  It also allows for editing if information is found to be incorrect.

This blog is also not designed to be "one man's opinion" and I encourage concerned citizens of Longmeadow to become involved with what is happening in our town.

Before deciding whether or not to participate, check out LongmeadowBuzz for what has already been posted so you will be able to see the type of format.

If you are a Longmeadow resident or town employee or local business owner and you decide that you are interested in participating, please send an email with your submission to:


Please include your name and address.

Jim Moran