Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Vote YES on Article #1 at Tonight's Special Town Meeting

When I first heard of the proposed gas metering station on Longmeadow Country Club I did not pay much attention- in fact I did not know exactly where it was located.  As the project progressed I felt that I needed to learn more about the location and its proximity to my home.  So I consulted the Town’s online official GIS (Geographic Information System) which provides town residents with lots of information.

Figure 1: Proposed Columbia Gas Metering Station

Figure 2: Impacted Area- One Mile Radius
I learned the following:
  1. My home is located only ¾ mile from the proposed facility.
  2. A 1 mile radius of the proposed facility includes
    (east-west) from Frank Smith Road to almost Route 91
    (north-south) from Williams Street into Enfield CT
  3. There are 500+ homes (not counting the large number in Enfield, CT within this one mile radius of the proposed gas metering station.
  4. There are 4 schools (Wolf Swamp ES, Glenbrook MS, Center ES and Willie Ross School within this 1 mile radius.
  5. There is 1 school- (Wolf Swamp Road ES) within 1500’ of the proposed facility.
  6. There are 20 homes within 500 feet of the proposed facility.
  7. There are 5 homes within 200 feet of the proposed facility.
  8. There is 1 school (WSR) with 1500 feet of the proposed facility
This Columbia Gas metering station is a commercial industrial facility which should not be allowed in a residential zoned area of town.

I am in support of the proposed new bylaw and urge my fellow residents to vote YES on Article #1 at tonight's Special Town Meeting at Longmeadow High School.

Jim Moran
48 Avondale Road