Thursday, August 13, 2020

Longmeadow School Committee/ Fall 2020 School Opening

Last week during a lengthy 4+ hour meeting the Longmeadow School Committee voted to have a remote start to their school year with a phased in to hybrid approach. The school year will begin on September 14 remotely, with grades K–5 beginning their hybrid schooling on Sept. 21, grades 6–8 beginning their hybrid schooling on Sept. 29, and grades 9–12 beginning their hybrid schooling on Oct. 5. Students in pre–K and students with intensive needs will begin their school year in person.

See Reminder Publications article for additional details-  Longmeadow School Committee votes to start school year remotely with phased in approach.

If you were not able to watch this important meeting last week here is a link to the full meeting:

Below are couple of the key remarks made by School Committee members as well as Kathleen Russotto/ President of the Longmeadow Education expressing their positions:

Kathleen Russotto- President, Longmeadow Education Assn

Gianna Allentuck, Longmeadow School Committee Member

Kevin Shea, Longmeadow School Committee Member

Bronwyn Monahan, Longmeadow School Committee Member

Jamie Hensch, Longmeadow School Committee Member

The next meeting of the Longmeadow School Committee is scheduled for August 18 at 6:30 PM.  The meeting will be televised on LCTV 809 and live streamed on Longmeadow YouTube channel for residents who are interested in listening into the discussion.

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